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About the Beta Chi Theta Store

Working in conjunction with our National Board and various members from around the country we are pleased to introduce the first ever Beta Chi Theta Store.  This store has been created by brothers for brothers and for the greater good of our entire fraternity!

We are here to supply our brothers around the country with the image apparel that they need to represent this grand fraternity proudly.  We will be producing various kinds of apparel such as sweatshirts, jackets, polo shirts, and t-shirts.  In addition we will be making beanies, hats, and accessory items like golf towels, blankets, and dog tags.

The best thing about this store is that when you order products from the site, you are actually giving money back to yourself!  How?  It’s simple:

For every order that is placed, 5% of the order will go back to the fraternity’s National Fund.  This money in turn will be used to help fund national events like convention.  This money will also help us create new events and invest into better ideas that can help further our growing fraternity and support our strong network of brothers.

Beta Beta!